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About You

After all, this is what it's all about!


Perhaps you've been practicing Pilates for years, or you might be a complete beginner.  

You may be recovering from an injury or illness and your doctor or physiotherapist has recommended Pilates as part of your rehabilitation. Perhaps you're fine, but are just finding your work/life balance hard to maintain, or you feel stressed. Maybe you're fit and healthy and just want to stay that way.


Whichever it is, Pilates can help.  To get the most from your practice, you need to let your teacher know of any difficulties you have, and what you are hoping to achieve.


Before joining a class, you will meet with your teacher for a postural analysis and complete a health questionnaire with your medical history and goals for your practice. All client information is held in strict confidence, but if there is something you would rather not disclose on the form, that's fine. You might feel more comfortable discussing it with your teacher in person. 

If you are a newcomer to the Pilates Method you will have an introductory lesson before joining a class. Here you'll learn the basic terminology and techniques of Pilates and practice some simple exercises. We've found this is the best way of gaining good foundational knowledge, so that when you come into class you have a firm understanding of what you are trying to achieve in the exercises, and can progress more rapidly.


"I love coming to class - it's always challenging and Stephanie keeps the exercises fresh and interesting.  I wouldn't miss my weekly Pilates class for anything"! - Jill B.

"Since having surgery to my back 5 years ago I have found regular Pilates practice with Stephanie invaluable.  She shows me how to adapt each exercise to keep myself safe, and I am now able to do movements I thought impossible". - Sue P.

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