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Classes & Fees



Please note that during the coronavirus pandemic, class sizes are reduced.  Government and industry guidelines are strictly observed regarding sanitising, wearing of masks when not 'on your mat' and social distancing. Regretfully this means we are unable to share any small equipment at present.


Classes are held in sessions of 5 or 6 weeks.  A 6-week session is £66, payable in advance.


As classes are small (max 12) we regret no credit can be given for missed classes, however you are welcome to make up at any of the other classes, during the current session.  Please arrange make-up classes with me.




Those new to Pilates, or with particular health issues, attend a private lesson for postural assessment and to learn the basic techniques and terminology.  If you are recovering from illness or injury, or have any limitations in movement for whatever reason, this also gives us a chance to assess what modifications in the exercises may be advisable.  The Introductory Lesson is £50 and takes approximately 2 hours.



For those who are unable to travel, or prefer to learn in the privacy of their home, a limited number of spaces are available.  Private lessons cost between £50 and £55 per hour, depending on the travel time required to reach you.

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